Patients’ rely on medical professionals for advice and/or services. Keeping up with the latest trends at the federal and state level for services can make a difference to your practice. Less recurring visits if the patient is connected to latest resources. Whether it be pharmacy assistance or home care options; your office can receive training to encourage a standard consistency in providing patient resources.

Working with staff to learn about the various Outreach Programs and initiatives offered at the state level; can enhance a patients’ experience by coordinating resources, advocacy, and caregiver referrals.

An example of taking the extra step: A pulmonary specialist prescribing a medication that a patient cannot afford, was able to refer the patient to a pharmacy outreach program. The patient continued the drug and the co-pay was reduced. In addition, the patient was encouraged to apply for a state-sponsored plan due to their disability. This program helped with reducing other medications as well.

Spreading awareness, of many forms of assistance available, to anyone with a chronic illness or disease or aging in place, can go a long way.