The word “burnout” is applicable to almost anything today. Our lives are more complicated and the demands of work, family and achieving financial security can be stressors to some of us. The struggle to manage and balance life events; can find you out of breath as you hurdle the challenges. Perhaps more than 80% of us have experienced some form of “burnout”.

Life does not stop! You have career objectives to meet, aging parents, kids and financial commitments. Yes, you are the “OREO” generation!

Caregiver burnout is here to stay. What and how we choose to approach the issue can vary from person to person. Here are some suggestions to work through caregiver burnout:

  1. Recognize there is no “one-size” fits all strategy

  2. Identify issues that making things problematic

  3. Define your needs as a caregiver

  4. Prepare to morph and adapt to barriers

  5. Know that barriers do have positive outcomes

  6. Seek a trusted person to help

Community resources can differ from state, while federal executive offices offer unilateral programs. See below for a list of some state and federal sites.

MASSOPTIONS, is specific to aging in place and disability initiatives in Massachusetts 

Massachusetts Lifespan Respite Coalition, offers option counseling to aging in place and disability resources

ADRC Wisconsin, offers lead options

Arizona Department of Economic Security offers links to aging and disability resources 

211 connect line available in most areas of the United States:

Benefits CheckUp is offered by the National Council on Aging and back by several sponsors. This site offers several credible sources located in your area 

Benefits Checkup comprehensive website

These are starting points when approaching the journey of care-giving. The options and choices can be a challenge, though keep in mind simple principles: there is no “one-size” fits all strategy; identify the issues; define your needs as a caregiver; be ready to flow with issues as they come up; know that positive outcomes do exit and there are good, credible people available to help.